Promotional Products

Are you looking for cool-looking ways to promote your business or organization? Are you planning on hosting a trade fair booth and want some personalized giveaways?

Foobadap can help you create products that are printed with your name, logo, slogan, or short message that will get people’s attention. When you distribute them, they become an ongoing advertisement for whatever message you want to portray.

We can print on almost any surface. Some examples of products we’ve personalized include:

  • Vinyl Signs
  • Screenprinted Shirts
  • DTG / DTF  Direct to garment or Direct to Film
  • Mouse Pads
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Water bottles
  • Cups
  • Shot glasses
  • Umbrellas
  • Lanyards and much more

The Power of Promotional Products

People love freebies. Even better, they love freebies that are useful. Items like pens, mugs, and other things that are used on a daily basis continue to spread your name or message. They are a great marketing tool that increase brand awareness and generate leads.

50% of recipients will use these giveaway products daily. Even in this era of online marketing, promotional products still generate attention and increase awareness. The more you give away, the more widespread your message will be.

Effective and Affordable Advertising

There are many ways to promote your business, slogan, or message. But promotional products provide a great return on investment. The initial cost of producing these products is outweighed by the exposure they provide. Most recipients will use them for months or pass them on to someone else. That reduces the cost per impression.

In fact, branded merchandise is much more cost-effective than advertising over radio, TV, and newspapers. Plus, the products continue spreading the message long after they’re made.

If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you’ll see that the booths where there are cool giveaways are the most popular. That draws potential customers and provides you with the perfect opportunity to give them your sales pitch.

Brand Recognition

You’ve seen or heard advertisements that are repeatedly aired or printed on media. This constant repetition can be very annoying. Most people tend to either ignore these ads after a few times. Some consumers become so annoyed that the ad has the opposite effect than intended.

With branded merchandise, your brand or message is much more subtle. It’s not “thrown” in the consumer’s face, it’s just there. The more compelling or unique the design or message is, the more attention it will get. And the more useful the product is, the more exposure it gets.

Customer Appreciation

People enjoy getting gifts, especially if they’re well-made and useful. When you give them your products, it lets them know you care and want to thank them for their support and business. It creates a desire in them to reciprocate by buying the company’s products or services.

A large percentage of people who receive promotional products will do business with the advertiser. These gifts seem to create a more personal relationship between the company and consumer. You’re no longer just a brand name, but a company who wants to give as well as receive.

Generate Leads

Handing out business cards is fine, but have you noticed how people react when you hand them yours? Most will briefly glance at the card, then stuff it in their pocket, never to be seen again.

When you give away a more tangible product that is used daily, your brand is there in front of their faces (and those they interact with every day) to remind them of your business. There’s no need for the customer to have to root through their business cards to find your contact information. When you need their products or services, you’ll have it readily available on your coffee mug, pen, mouse pad, or other frequently used item.

Let Us Create Your Call to Action

When you want a great promotional product to advertise your brand and create sales leads, you can count on Foobadap. We’ll produce an item you’ll be proud to give away and customers will use and appreciate.